Magali Clémençon is a native Lyonnaise. She has been a guide and lecturer since 2001, always sharing her knowledge of her city with enthusiasm. Curious by nature, she has traveled the world and is passionate about the history of civilizations, and about meeting people, speaking foreign languages and subjects of society.

The profession of guide gives her the opportunity to open up his universe and to create her own historical and contemporary tours. With « A guide in Lyon » she offers a wide choice of discovery, thematic and unusual visits for everybody.

In 2013 she further enriched her degrees in Tourism and in History of Art at the Institute of Vine and Wine of the University of Burgundy.

Particularly interested in WWII, she leads regular tours and gives lectures on this topic. She is the author of the documentary « Montluc 1943-1944, 24 paroles de rescapés » that is currently brodcast in municipal halls and cinemas.

March the 23rd, 2018. The documentary receives the prize “coup de coeur du jury” at the Citizen of the Heritage Award given by the City of Lyon.
A reflection on the continuation of the project is current …

” Pour le parfait flâneur, pour l’observateur passionné, c’est une immense jouissance que d’élire domicile dans le nombre, dans l’ondoyant, dans le mouvement, dans le fugitif et l’infini. Être hors de chez soi, et pourtant se sentir partout chez soi, voir le monde, être au centre du monde et rester caché au monde. ”
Charles Baudelaire

“For the perfect stroller, for the passionate observer, it is an immense enjoyment to choose one’s home in the number, in the undulating, in the movement, in the fugitive and the infinite. Being out of home and yet feel everywhere at home, see the world, be at the centre of the world and remain hidden from the world. »
Charles Baudelaire