08/12/2018 : Excellent tour, Magali provided interesting insight into Lyon’s history and culture with a wonderful personal touch! thank you!

27/10/2018 : Magali was an excellent guide. She is very knowledgeable and open to questions. We enjoyed our time with her and thought the tour was very worthwhile.  Janet H., US

30/06/2018 : The tour was great. Magali was very knowledgeable, kept it moving and had a great sense of humor. Wish we had time for another walk here. Darla J. , USA

15/05/2018 : Typically good tour, with knowledgeable and friendly docent. Thank you. Bredan M., USA

08/02/2018 : Un grand merci pour cette visite. Le groupe était enchanté de votre prestation en plus de vous trouver très sympathique ! Au plaisir d’une prochaine fois.
Véronique LG, Lyon

10/01/2018 : I want to thank you for the wonderful tour you gave us of Les Halles and Vieux Lyon last Wednesday. I had visited both places on my own, but your information made it all so much more interesting for me.  I so appreciate the way you share your affection and passion for your city and its history. You make it come alive! Biggest thank you is for your recommendation to visit le beau village de Perouges!! Wow! We loved every minute. Thank you, thank you for the suggestion to go. Ellen S. / L.A. USA

07/10/2017 : Magali was wonderful. We had a great time together. Family S. USA

14/08/2017 : In Agosto sono stato a Lione e per un pomeriggio ci ha accompagnato una guida locale Magali, parlava molto bene Italiano e debbo dire che stata molto professionale e preparata. Giudizio ottimo. Claudio M. / Italia

10/06/2017 : Une visite passionnante, avec une passionnée ! 👍 Emmanuelle C.T. / Lyon, France

19/05/2017 : Magali, was excellent. She was knowledgeable and passionate about Lyon and the history of Lyon. The tour was so much fun because of the diversity of sites, the beauty of the sites, and the special information that she shared. The lunch was excellent as well. After visiting the silk weaving shop on the tour we were inspired to visit the textile museum; a treasure that we might have missed otherwise. Thank you! John H. / USA

30/04/2017 : Magali was a gem. She was sensitive to what we were looking for from her as well as knowledgeable and giving. We liked also that she was a home town girl; she was able to talk about Lyon from a personal perspective. I guess the biggest compliment I can pay her is that we would love to do it again.   William G. USA                                                                                                                                                                          Buddy and I enjoyed our time with Magali very much. She is very prepared, knowledgeable and has a delightful sense of humor. She was also very sensitive to what we were looking for in the tour. We would go on a tour with Magali anytime. We have taken many tours over the years, some of them forgettable. But you can have a lot of confidence in Magali as a guide. She’s a keeper.  Julia G. USA

29/04/2017 : Merci pour la visite Magali, les enfants ont été ravis ! Clélia / Lyon, France

15/03/2017 : Magali was charming and loves her city. My travel partner was not walking well due to a bout with arthritis. But she wanted to do the walk, and did! Magali was responsive to her ability level while not being patronizing. She provided a number of stops and places to sit and talk. In the end, my friend peeled off late afternoon, and Magali and I trooped around the rest of the day. It was generous of her to treat us so well. She showed us so many things about Lyon that we would not have seen. We loved the silk weaving demo and treasure the scarves we took home from there. The churches were magnificent and the views of the Roman ruins were breathtaking. We stayed in the old city and really liked having lunch there where we, with Magali’s guidance, ate a typical Lyonnais lunch that wasn’t scary food, (like veal head.) Oh it was all fun, the traboules, the chocolate tasting, her final restaurant recommendation. We love Lyon, thank you !                                        Nancy L. and Janis L. / USA

02/03/2017 : I had an awesome visit to Lyon (despite the rain and the wind). Magali succeed to cover the many centuries of history of Lyon, pointing out the most important historic facts and their impacts on the city (including it’s architecture). Surely, I knew facts about Lyon, people and places I would not know if I have not had her guidance. Besides, she guided safely through my gastronomic experience in Lyon (I say “safely” because some of the dishes can be defying for those who are not used to them). Finally, we were able do discuss Lyon and France’s present situation, what was also great, and she gave me valuable tips for the rest of my trip. It must be emphasized that it was a daylong itinerary and Magali was able to keep my interest during all our visit and perfectly adapt our itinerary in accordance with my interests. Henry G. / Brazil

15/10/16 : Magali Clemencon is an extraordinary guide. I think that she is one of the best we have ever enjoyed. She has a broad and deep reservoir of knowledge, being able to cover diverse tastes and interests. Her knowledge of Lyon and her skillful planning and organization of the tour revealed Lyon with surprise vistas or intimate beauty supported by anecdotes and stories through which we began to know Lyon and appreciate Lyon in ways we never imagined. Magali also has special skills and sensitivity connecting with people. We felt we were visiting a friend who was showing us Lyon. My husband and I have spent time in Lyon at least 4 or 5 times before this visit, but our Lyon tour was special and a highlight of our trip because of Magali.  Grant and Connie W.  / USA

05/07/16  : Magali was absolutely fabulous. Warm, friendly, knowledgeable and she made an effort to get to know us. Would recommend her ! David and Anne M.  / USA